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TouchpadConfig Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void defaults ()
void load ()
QString quickHelp () const
void save ()
 TouchpadConfig (QWidget *parent, const QVariantList &args)

Static Public Member Functions

static void init_touchpad ()

Private Slots

void changed ()
void circularScrollCornersChosen (int chosen)
void circularScrollEnabled (bool toggle)
void circularScrollSpeedChanged (int value)
void scrollCoastingCornerEnabled (bool toggle)
void scrollCoastingEnabled (bool toggle)
void scrollCoastingSpeedChanged (int value)
void scrollHorizontalEnabled (bool toggle)
void scrollHorizontalSpeedChanged (int value)
void scrollHorizontalTFEnabled (bool toggle)
void scrollVerticalEnabled (bool toggle)
void scrollVerticalSpeedChanged (int value)
void scrollVerticalTFEnabled (bool toggle)
void sensitivityValueChanged (int value)
void smartModeDelayChanged (int value)
void smartModeEnabled (bool toggle)
void tappingButtonListSelected (int current)
void tappingClickTimeChanged (int value)
void tappingDoubleTimeChanged (int value)
void tappingEnabled (bool toggle)
void tappingEventListSelected (int current)
void tappingMaxMoveChanged (int value)
void tappingTimeoutChanged (int value)
void touchpadAllowedMoving (bool toggle)
void touchpadEnabled (bool toggle)

Private Member Functions

bool apply ()
void enableProperties ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void applySensitivity (int val)

Private Attributes

QSet< const char * > propertiesList
bool setup_failed
QMap< int, int > tappingButtonsMap
Ui_TouchpadConfigWidget * ui

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file kcmtouchpad.h.

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